Things could be changing soon around our Downtown Ft. Myers Bartending School

Numerous security issues in downtown Fort Myers have been brought up since October’s ZombiCon tragedy — everything from adding outdoor cameras downtown to the sales of alcohol on the streets.

Business owners said there’s been a push to enforce the law on the latter.

The law said that during a designated special event, any business that plans to sell alcohol on the streets in front of their shops needs to file an extension of premise permit with police.

“They’ve kinda been lax about that over the last year or so,” said The Connection Bar & Grill owner Pam Lemmerman.

Fans of downtown events like Dusty McGonigal question the push they say feel has been given leeway in the past.

“I don’t know how it’s going to change the violence, but I mean, I guess it’s another way for the city to make money,” said McGonigal.

Business owners told NBC2 they have no problem paying the $100 permit, but they said there is a bit of a gray area when it comes to enforcing.

“People that are drinking on the streets come in and have to use the facilities or they come in and eat dinner. How do you know they’re not carrying that same beer back outside?” questioned Lemmerman.

Police told NBC2 they’ve always enforced the law as do other agencies like the ABT. They also said that business owners caught not abiding by the rules can not only be fined, but face jail time.


Source: NBC-2