A new venture is working to peddle its way passed  our  downtown Fort Myers Bartending School.

It’s called the Pedal Wagon, and it’s basically a bar on wheels.

“I think it would be a lot of fun and something different for Fort Myers,” said Cassie Steidtmann, a fan of the concept.

City officials say because the concept literally runs on alcohol, it’s uncharted territory for the River District.

“It’s all very preliminary at this stage,” said Fort Myers Community Development Director Robert Gardner. “It’s an interesting business and it poses a lot interesting questions.”

Current laws state no booze on similar modes of transportation like pedicabs, and should it be approved, horse-drawn carriages.

But others’ issue with the Pedal Wagon has more to do with size.

“Pedal to where? When this place is crowded, when downtown Fort Myers is crowded, you can only pedal so fast and so far,” said Joseph Balogh.

Cities like Cincinnati that offer the service do abide by rules set up by the business, which include drink limits and no taking booze on the go.

No official proposal exists, and city officials said the interest may all just be market research.

Source: NBC-2