Classic cocktails are always in season in Southwest Florida, but they are getting more attention than ever before. Tending bar in today’s era often involves shaking things up with specialty syrups, homemade infusions, locally grown ingredients behind the bar. But making most of these appealing concoctions at home easier than you think with the right guidance, and that’s why we are here to help.
This weeks cocktail…The Hand Shaken Daiquiri. The Daiquiri’s popularity is due in part to its simplicity. The handful of ingredients are fairly simple to find it is a great cocktail to start off with if you are thinking about experimenting in Mixology. The one key factor in this cocktail is the proper measurements. Learn to measure the ingredients correctly and the Daiquiri is one of the most refreshing poolside drinks enjoyed.
The Hand Shaken Daiquiri is a true classic cocktail and one of Hemmingway’s favorites. Its roots can be traced back to the late 1700’s when the Royal Navy rationed sailors a mixture containing rum, water, lemon juice, and sugar. This drink became popular across the Caribbean at the time. The Hand Shaken Daiquiri was first documented the small town of Daiquiri, Cuba in 1898 by a mining engineer named Jennings Stockton Cox. Jennings experimented with Rum and different ingredients such as just as modern day mixologists do today and the drink was born. The Hand Shaken Daiquiri consists of fresh squeezed lime juice, sugar, ice and Light Rum such as Bacardi Superior.
Ingredients for the Hand Shaken Daiquiri:
Glass: Rocks Glass
2 oz Light Rum
3/4 oz Fresh Squeezed Lime Juice
3/4 oz Simple Syrup
Garnish: Lime
Shake all ingredients with ice in a cocktail shaker.
Strain into a rocks glass full of ice.
Garnish with a lime wedge.
Note: Simple Syrup can be made by bringing 1 part sugar and 1 part water to a fast boil. Stir together and let cool. Portion into the cocktail appropriately.

Cheers from Elite Bartending School Southwest Florida