26 12, 2016

Bartenders for Hire in Florida

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Over 500,000 people are currently working as bartenders in America. Many of those individuals seem to be working in Florida, and when businesses need to bring someone on, they tend to hire a Florida bartender from Elite. The reason for this is simple. Elite ensures everyone who signs up for classes get the best, most [...]

16 12, 2016

Why You Should Attend a Bartending School in Florida

December 16th, 2016|Categories: Elite Bartending School, Florida Bartending School|Tags: , , , |

With four bartending school locations in Florida, Elite Bartending School has become a premier place for individuals to acquire their licenses. It is quickly expanding by offering a wider range of classes and catering more to the needs of today’s bartenders. In addition to all this, there are several reasons why Elite is the only [...]

9 12, 2016

How to Franchise a Bartending School

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If you want to be your own boss while making a nice profit, then you should heavily consider starting a franchise. Elite offers bartending school franchise opportunities to anyone interested, and the talented staff will walk you through the process. This gets you started on the best footing possible. With the name recognition you get [...]

1 12, 2016

Bartending School in Fort Myers

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Home to over a dozen bars and nightclubs, Fort Myers is an excellent place to work as a bartender. Before you can get started, you will need a comprehensive education that teaches you everything you need to know about being a bartender that any club would be lucky enough to have. Fortunately, Elite Bartending School [...]

24 11, 2016

Find Your Source for Event Staffing

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If you regularly find yourself in need of bartenders for special events, then it is helpful to find a staffing agency to work with on a continuous basis. When seeking bartender staffing for events there are three main things you’ll want to consider. You want to find a staffing company that is well-known and respected, [...]

14 11, 2016

What to Look for When You Need Special Event Staffing

November 14th, 2016|Categories: Elite Bartending School, Event Staffing|Tags: , , , |

Since about two out of five bartenders work part time, it may seem as if it is easy to find one for a special event. However, you must consider more than just availability. You want to hire a bartender who is professional and experienced. That is why Elite Bartending School and Event Staffing is providing [...]

3 11, 2016

How to Hire a Bartender

November 3rd, 2016|Categories: Elite Bartending School, Event Staffing|Tags: , , , |

Hiring a good bartender is essential when you are holding an important event. Finding that perfect bartender though can be a challenge. However, if you use a staffing agency, it can actually make things much easier. You are able to get more of a guarantee on performance. In addition, you should be able to hire [...]

3 10, 2016

Elite Bartending School – More Than Just a Bartending School

October 3rd, 2016|Categories: Elite Bartending School|Tags: , |

Word has gotten around that Elite Bartending School is one of the best bartending schools in South Florida, but it’s so much more than just that. It is a staffing agency, event organization and offers various workshops that are perfect for groups or team-building. Elite is a one-stop shop for all your bartending related needs [...]

27 09, 2016

Ft. Myers Bartending School – Is a Bartending Course Really Necessary…Yes!

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The demand for talented and qualified bartenders is high, but so is competition. There are almost 600,000 people currently working as bartenders in the state of Florida alone. To land a job at a top restaurant, bar or nightclub you’ll have to be able to do more than just pull pints. A serious career in [...]