Over 500,000 people are currently working as bartenders in America. Many of those individuals seem to be working in Florida, and when businesses need to bring someone on, they tend to hire a Florida bartender from Elite. The reason for this is simple. Elite ensures everyone who signs up for classes get the best, most hands-on training as possible. When you have an event coming up, make sure the bartenders you get were trained at Elite.

Perfect for Any Event

Elite can provide you with as many bartenders as you need for your event. You may only need a few if you are putting on a private party for a couple dozen people. However, you may need a lot more if you are planning a huge event that could potentially see hundreds or thousands of people. Countless students have gone through the Elite program, and job placement programs are available where it is made known in the community when job opportunities are available. The ability to hire a Florida bartender has never been simpler.

Rent a Mobile Bar

You can get a lot more than just a few bartenders for your next event. You can even rent an entire bar if necessary so that the perfect stand is right there to catch your guests’ eyes. Various styles are available, so whether you just need something small or something huge to accommodate large crowds, Elite has your back. Not only that, but Elite can customize a mobile bar based on any specifications you have. All you need to do is contact Elite well ahead of time, and your bar will look absolutely pristine.

Wanting to hire a Florida bartender should not be a difficult ordeal, especially if you have a lot of other aspects of the party to take care of. Take some of the burden off your shoulders by contacting Elite Bartending School at (239) 900-6701 to find some exceptional bartenders. Or you can send us a message using the online form.